Saturday, January 01, 2011

Gifts for the Grandbaby

I knitted a cap for the grand baby, due July 12. I couldn't show it before now. I used a lovely bamboo/acrylic blend, sooo soft!

Then I thought it would be fun to give it at Christmas. I still have one of my DS1's baby blankets, so I replaced the satin binding with new and put them together under the tree for DIL.

You never saw someone so happy! It made our Christmas very merry and bright.

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Fabricfaire said...

How very sweet! That "blankie" will be a very special treasure for your g-baby to come!!! The photo of DIL,looks like she is imagining DS1 wrapped up in it as well as the next generation to come!!! The beanie hat is a great color as well as another special treasure! Keepum' coming Gma!