Sunday, January 09, 2011


Rose Hughes was the guest speaker at guild yesterday. She had a fun approach to color theory and asked us all to 'study a color' this week. She said we might want to step away from our comfort colors and study one we don't work with very much in our quilts.

She asked us to look around our world and notice the color we've chosen.

Hmmm... there isn't a lot of naturally occurring orange in January.

Orange is so cheerful, I wonder why there isn't more of it around us?


Lindah said...

Orange is not my favorite color.
But I will have to say that the quilt examples you posted are fabulous! hmmm, maybe I, too, should be more aware of orange as I go about my daily.

Thanks for piquing my orange awareness! :-) --Linda

Debby said...

Orange is our royal color! The queen's last name is van oranje. So on queensday everything is orange and when the dutch are playing soccer they have orange outfits!

Greetings from Debby,
the Netherlands