Friday, January 14, 2011

Featured Artist

There's a small collection of my wall quilts hanging at the Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op. We like to feature a local artist's work for a month at a time and my name came to the top of the list in January.

Jewel in the Night Sky and Russian Sunflower

Radiant Nine Patch

Merial of the Sea

Mariner's Compass

Summer's Heat - Oh look, Orange! - with yellow and green

The response has been so positive, almost overwhelming. The customers exclaim and admire. The staff ask me, "Are those YOUR quilts?!" Well yes...

In the first week I had three offers to buy Merial of the Sea, even after I put up a sign that said for Display Only. One customer was very persistent and didn't want to take no for an answer. I told her quilting isn't my day job, she said, "Well it SHOULD be, you're an ARTIST!"

The kudos are really nice and it feels good to be appreciated, but I've never been able to make my quilting pay. That's not why I quilt.

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Vivian said...

A beautiful display and if it brings some new appreciation to the art of quilting so much the better!

Just because you sell a quilt or two here and there doesn't mean you have to declare yourself in business or commit to relying on it for your livelihood. Quilt dreams are supported by encouragement but a stash needs cash! Of course, never sell your favorites!!