Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cotton Tank Top

It's done! The blog archive says I cast on last July 21. I had a little detour following the accident but I'm happy to report it didn't become a UFO!

Tada! I learned a lot with this project. I didn't know how to pick up stitches along the edge and I discovered the correct way to sew a side seam. I used to use a running stitch, which didn't look too smooth. Thank you to Claire at the LYS for her help!

I'm already thinking about my *next* knitting project. Maybe I better start calling myself a knitter!


Fabricfaire said...

Oh,so nice! Mmmm,what is next on the booties might be handy someday!!

Kathie said...

thats adorable, looks great on you, what a nice color.
I love the way it looks on the side its not straight all the way around the bottom
yes I would say your definitely a knitter!