Monday, August 30, 2010

Mermaid Continued

I got the background fused and taped. Then it was time to start the mermaid.

I wanted the subtle lines of her face but I didn't think embroidery would be a good solution. Frank suggested printing the detail on fabric with our inkjet printer. What a great suggestion! I make my quilt labels by creating graphics on my computer and then printing to treated fabric so I thought I'd take a moment and share the steps.

I start by cutting the fabric 8.5 x 11. Then I cut a sheet of freezer paper the same size. I use a different rotary cutter for the paper, the same as it's best to use different scissors for paper and fabric.

Set the freezer paper aside while you treat the fabric with Bubble Jet Set, this prepares the fabric to accept the ink. I pour a small amount into a Ziplock bag and squish it around. When the fabric is completely saturated, I squeeze the remaining Jet Set back into the bottle. This way there's almost no waste. Iron the fabric dry.

Next place the fabric wrong side up on a FIRM surface, I use a wooden cutting board. Place the freezer paper shiny side down. With a HOT, dry iron fuse sections of the freezer paper to the fabric, counting 10-12 seconds for each section. It's very important to get a good fuse...

...because if you don't, the layers come apart in your printer and you have to start over. If this happens you might have to take the back off the printer to remove the jam, but that's not hard to do. :)

It turns out that the fact it jammed was actually a good thing, because I was printing the color image, when all I wanted were the black lines of the face and torso.

As I work I keep thinking this mermaid needs a name. I asked her creator, my DH, but he said he didn't know. Mer is French for Sea, so I think I'll call her Merial.


nima said...

wow..great progress

Fabricfaire said...

Good tutorial on using the freezer paper method of printing on fabric!
As well as the plastic bag for conditioning the fabric!!!! Merial is "shaping" up to be a real babe!!

Lena Johansson said...

Have a wonderful quilters´autumn!

Shasta said...

This looks wonderful - how awesome of you and your husband to collaborate on this.