Friday, June 04, 2010

Pieced Tam

Hollin and I were digging in my box of patterns for something that might resemble a man's pirate blouse or tunic for a project he had in mind when I came across this and inspiration struck!

I'd just gone through Kathy's scrap bag and wanted to work in her bright palette, what a perfect chance! Hollin worked on the tunic and I pulled fabrics; we spent the afternoon in the sewing room together, working on parallel projects.

Hmm... how big is my head anyway?

View D uses pieces one, two and five?

Sometimes I make patchwork clothing... then I get asked how I did it. This isn't really a tutorial, but shows several steps of the process.

Once the patchwork pattern pieces were made I just followed the instructions to put it together.

I had no idea when I got up that morning I was going to make this. Now that was fun!

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Fabricfaire said...

Some days are very unpredictiable!!
Great colors and cute on you!