Monday, June 14, 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed...

... try, try, again.

Inspired by Tanya's Patches and Pinwheels, I grabbed some partial 16 patch blocks I had and began my own version. And just like Tanya, I hadn't planned on making this quilt, I have more than a half dozen things in the works and don't need another - but it just grabbed me, I was captivated, I couldn't wait to get home from work and into the sewing room. Once I got the blocks done I experimented with colors for the pinwheels. That's where it sorta stalled.

Too white

Too green

Too dark

I was about to give up! I announced to Frank that I must've lost my touch I was three for zero, but he said three auditions wasn't too many, keep trying. Thanks for the encouragement.

Okay, I think I can live with this one.

This evening I got the top together. When I add the border, I want to extend the triangles out into the border to continue the block a bit more. I decided to let it rest until tomorrow and came to read blogs.

Tanya extended the triangles into her border! What fun, we're tag team sewing and didn't even know it! She has a creative suggestion found at Elaine's site you might want to check out too. Thanks for the fun Tanya. :)


Fiona said...

The blue is definitely the one, but I kind of like the green too for a little bit of an edgy look.

Fabricfaire said...

I also agree w/Fiona!