Friday, June 04, 2010

Hollin's Jerkin

Hollin wanted to make a leather jerkin. He started out by buying a tanned cowhide from the internet a few years ago, but wasn't quite sure how to turn into what he had in his mind's eye. He asked for my help. I've never made a leather jerkin either, so together we sorta winged it. We started with a draft, I traced his torso onto fabric.

He cut it out and sewed the shoulder seams.

Then we trimmed and shaped it to his body.

After we got the draft the way he wanted it, we took the shoulder seams apart and used it as a pattern. Hollin cut the leather with a new pair of kitchen scissors we had; that worked pretty well. We made a trip to the fabric store and he found leather lace to use on the sides and shoulders to lace it together.

I should've taken pictures of the lacing up the sides and at the shoulders. It turned out close to what he had in mind. Maybe he'll wear it to Ren faire. But this year's theme at the Christian camp he's working for is Gileadrial: Sword of Truth, so he'll fit right in. I don't think we ever outgrown the fun that comes with dress up!


Fabricfaire said...

He does look offical! Nice job!

Hollin said...

I've worn it each registration day and have gotten numerous compliments and comments on it. I also found a fallen redwood limb that I turned into a quarter staff. Typicaly I'm welcoming incomming cars and directing traffic so it works out well. A little warm in the summer sun, but it breathes well being real leather and is open enough on the sides that I get a bit of a breaze. :D