Wednesday, April 01, 2009

She Said Yes!

My oldest son Nathan is getting married. We went down last weekend for a visit and had a great time talking, planning and generally hanging out together. So much excitement!

The happy couple.

And since we were together, we also celebrated Frank's birthday. The white board above the table says, "Yay! We're getting Married. Hooray!!" So cute. The happiness just flowed. Look at their faces. :D

Nathan called my mom on the east coast to tell her the news. "Hey Grandma, this is your favorite number one grandson, guess what?" (Note: She only has one oldest grandson so it's safe to say). The question first up was, "When?" "June." "THIS June??" "Uh-huh..." And the amazement just rolled out from there.

After we talked wedding and rehearsal dinner, gowns and attendants, churches and reception food, we went to see the townhouse they're pursuing. The offer's been accepted and if it passes inspection, Danielle would move in early in May. (!!) More talk, planning and excitement.

The dining area

The living room

I love the light, it's so open, and what a great wall for a quilt!
So a new chapter begins in all of our lives. I was reminded of all the things Mrs. Goodneedle shared in the weeks and months leading up to her son's wedding. Maybe I should write and ask for advice!


christine said...

Oh what exciting news for your family! Happy belated birthday to Frank as well. June will be here before you know it.

Best Wishes,

Susan said...

Happy day, Mom!!! Congratulations to all (and Happy Birthday, too)!

Norma said...

Congratulations! Getting a new daughter is something to celebrate.

Good luck with all the wedding plans.

Fabricfaire said...

Congrates to all of you! So much happiness to look forward to! Wow!

SuBee said...

Whoo-hooo!!! What wonderful pictures -- wait.....who took those????