Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Cardi

In among the machine piecing, hand quilting and machine quilting these days, I cast on for a baby cardigan this weekend. I got the urge to knit last week and couldn't *rest* until I had yarn between my fingers. I found this cute pattern at Free Pattern Friday.

Changed the colors of course, I don't seem to leave anything alone.

The pattern is worked from the top down, which is a first for me.

Do I really know what I'm doing? No, but I'm having a great time!


f. pea said...

Awesome colors - it looks great so far!

Fiona said...

Baby clothes are so perfect for satisfying the urge to knit, but not having to commit to a great big iten. Maybe that's why people knit socks?

bits and pieces said...

Hi Leslie,
I'm not sure which post I am commenting on, but it is always fun to see what you are doing. Wow, a lot of stuff. Love your Christmas charm quilt! I ordered the EQ6... should be here this Friday, hopefully before I head back home!