Sunday, January 04, 2009

Just Do It

I've been on Christmas vacation for almost 11 days, you'd think I'd have that pieced border done by now. But I've been doing the procrastination dance with myself, draggin' my feet because I hadn't done the math for the QST's yet. I know there's a formula... I have the handouts that tell me what to measure, and where to add and multiply... but I always put this sort of thing off until my free time is almost over.

I won't tell you how many false starts I made before I got it right. It's embarassing to admit that I measured and cut and measured and cut over and over trying to get it right. In the end, when I thought I had it right, I cut the strips from the yardage too narrow and I HAD to use that background, it was the one that was intended. I shouldn't sweat myself so much.

So putting that all behind me I just sewed... then it got better.

The procrastination is done, the road block has been removed. Now it's just assembly.

Can you tell I'm pleased with the way it's turning out? All these pictures! Unfortunately vacation's over, *drat*


Fabricfaire said...

I knew you'd have everything turnout perfect!

Shasta said...

That is a great border - a perfect way to showcase your beautiful quilt.