Sunday, December 14, 2008


It was rainy today and the temperature never rose above 38. I decided to put my trip to Michael's on hold until my lunch hour tomorrow.

I made two batches of Spiced Walnuts, one with Splenda for my MIL who's diabetic. I'm happy to say that Splenda Blend actually behaves just like white sugar when candy making... I didn't know if it would.

Then I made a double batch of Chocolate-aroos - Imagine Rice Krispie treats with peanut butter stirred in, topped with melted chocolate chips. Yum!
Somewhere in there I had lunch. Then did three loads of dishes. Next I gift wrapped and shipped wrapped above said gifts. I always feel better when the packages to Washington and Oregon are in the mail!

Christmas carols played on the hi-fi until it was time to make dinner. Then I announced I needed something livelier! We put on El Chicano - which is a lot like Santana only with jazz overtones... despite the fatigue. After dinner I created two gift trays of cookies and candy for coworkers. Much sampling of cookies and candy were enjoyed. I'm ready for some down time.


SuBee said...

Pretty nice way to spend a cold miserable day!

Fabricfaire said...

Yummo! I can see the smiles when your family opens their boxes! Glad to know about the Splenda! We are having a "snowday"! Brrrr.