Sunday, October 12, 2008

Launching DS2

I went down Friday morning and helped Hollin bank his last paycheck, run errands and pack. It turns out it was a good thing Frank didn’t come with us, there was no room in the car! He stayed home to try and throw off his cold. That evening we gathered at Nathan’s for dinner with Hollin’s friends. I cooked and served, Omar, Hollin’s best friend did the dishes.

We were leaving at 4:30 am with a 12 hour drive ahead of us so I went to bed at 9:30. I travel with ear plugs but even so every time I woke up I could hear the five of them wailing away on the video game “Rock Star” on into the small hours.

Hollin and I got on the road home at 5:00. When we got to the house Frank was up and packed and they took off for Oregon. I was glad not to have the long leg of the trip. Frank called that evening to say they'd arrived at BIL's house. I talked to them this morning and they were headed west for Cannon Beach about 11:00. Ecola college had a short window of time allowed for moving in, 2:30 t0 5:00 and they wanted to get there with time to drive around the town to get a feel for it. It turns out I had the camera so I won't get pictures of the campus or dorm room until later.

Best Wishes DS!


SuBee said...

I like that terminology - "Launched". That's exactly what it was!
I think there's a brown/red sumpin' sumpin' in my future too -- I love the looks of that!!

Fabricfaire said...

You have a great reason to go north now! I know you are very proud of your DS!!!