Sunday, October 12, 2008

Double Four Patch Strippy

The house was empty this weekend so I decided there was time and space to layout the Double Four Patch Strippy.

The blocks've been done for over two years and set aside because... I can't exactly remember why. I thought it was because I was stalling on the math for the set triangles. They needed to be cut from quarter square triangles so the straight of the fabric falls along the edge of the row. But when I finally knuckled down to the task of figuring out what size square I needed, the yardage was just right! Two years ago I must've gotten over that hurdle and done the math, but I didn't remember. *yeesh* silly me, stalling all this time when I didn't need to.

I got pretty excited when I finally got it laid out. Woo-HOO! I'm back at it!

(Note: I just read my original post about the DFP blocks and it all came back to me. Wow! This blogging is a great quilt journal thing)


dot said...

Oh this is going to be very nice. I like what I see so far.

Elaine Adair said...

This is going to be a GREAT quilt! I have always enjoyed watching how a 'simple' quilt turns into something exquisite!

I agree about looking back at our earlier posts and noting how we've grown in skills!

Fabricfaire said...

Cannot wait to see this beauty finnished!