Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heat Seeking

Mornings are frosty now. I climbed into a cup of Lady Grey. Lila saw a warm lap.

She becomes so social and affectionate as days grow short and nights grow cold. Time to take that room ac unit out of the window!


Fabricfaire said...

Lucky Lila,yes,it looks like time for cuddling up w/a cosy book and quilt.

Fabricfaire said...

P.S. What is that lovely Blue & White creation draped over the chair besides ya???

Elaine Adair said...

You look all calm and restful. 8-)

Our routine is 'gotta bring in more wood!" the wood pile has become part of the famaily room decor! LOL But it WILL feel good during those REALY cold, windy days.

Pretty quilt on that chair next to you.

a simple quilter said...

Love the blue quilt on the chair and the little stained glass piece over your shoulder.

It is not frosty here ...yet! But there is definitely a chill in the air this morning. The house is 6 degrees warmer than it is when we run the furnace. We are hoping to make it into November without throwing the switch.

Was the rocking chair passed down to you, or something you purchased. I am looking for one and can't decide on arms or no arms.