Monday, November 26, 2007

There's Gotta Be a Better Way

I had a wonderful four-day holiday; two days with my sons over Thanksgiving and two days sewing the Double Nine together.

This one had outgrown the design wall long ago. It was really fun to lay it all out and see the colors play together.

I'm not the fastest sew-er in the west... but I'm not the slowest either. Sewing this top together took me *forever*. There's just no good way to 'web the top' when it's on point. I love the look of diagonal sets, but it's a pain in the neck keeping track of which row you're on and which way the set triangles go.

I'd been optimistic about getting all the short rows together Saturday and the long rows plus border on Sunday. Didn't happen. After hours of up and down to the floor and machine, I had to call it done late Sunday with just the top together. I still have to trim all the outside triangles and square it up. I do like it though. I think the outer blue triangles gives it sort of a lacy appearance.

So lemme ask you... when you find intersecting seams have flipped while sewing the long seams, do you go back and redo them? When I'm tired I usually say it's good enough. But later I always redo each one.


Rete said...

I don't usually redo them, unless it's created a noticable lump. But I always feel a little guilty about it. Maybe I should go back and fix it.

Rosy said...

The colors are great as is the pattern. I have done what you did and then I feel guilty and go back and "snip" them and press them the correct way. No one but you will know, unless it shows through the lighter fabrics.

Rose Marie said...

I usually go back and fix those seams; mainly because of hand quilting and it is easier if the seams are laying the right way. Your top is coming along very nicely!