Monday, November 19, 2007

GF Time

Su declared November 17th a Sew-day. The minigroup members were invited, but we had three. It doesn't matter how many show up. We always have a good time; sewing, girl talk, food, fabric... what else could we want??

We love meeting at Su's house 'cause she has this great big sunlit room that can fit all the tables and gear. Love, love, love that LoneStar, doesn't the color of the wall just make it *pop*?

Here are the last three Paintbox blocks being laid out.

Lynn delcared she hadn't sewn since the last time we all had a sew day... *three* months ago! That's what happens when you retire. You get too busy to do the things you want. :D

And me making more sunshine and shadow string along blocks.

I think they're getting more interesting now that I'm not holding back so much. Been throwing in purple, hot green, orange... it's great fun.

Su pulled out a tub of UFO's and laid out project after project, showing us what she's worked on in the past and things she might not finish because she learned and then moved on.

This was the only one that was on the table long enough to get a pix. Fun stuff!

We potlucked homemade Minestrone soup, tuna salad on greens, marinated cucumber slices and pickled beets. I went home late in the afternoon; tired by happy.


Rosy said...

I wished I could've been there! Love your string blocks...mmmm...I'll have to put that on my "todo" list!

Su Bee said...

Sounds like fun!
Oh yea, it WAS fun!
(BTW - much better pic, LOL!)

Mary said...

Looks like a lot of fun - what a great room to get together in.

Elaine Adair said...

Oh gosh - wish I could reach out and touch the strings, no, the star, no, the Log Cabin ... What a nice day you had.