Friday, September 14, 2007

A Short Walk Down the Street

This is a Ukiah Valley view, looking west to the coastal range that stands between my town and the Pacific Ocean. It gives you a good idea of the area, vineyards and redwoods and small town life in USA.

But when I drive to work, this is one of the things I see on the way.

It's called the Mountain Gate and it's over the street that takes you to the City of Ten Thousand Buddah's monastery and school. You'd think I'd get used to see it after all this time, but it seems so exotic in among all the usual sites in Ukiah.

The monastery grounds are within five minutes of my office and I walk there sometimes. The site used to be a state hospital years ago and many of the buildings are falling into disrepair. But the temple is dazingly.

I wish I could zoom in and show you the elaborate art on either side of the door, but I always walk around somewhat respectfully.
And then there are the peacocks. I can hear them from my office, sounding like tiger-sized cats meowing. They wander the grounds freely and peer back at me as I try to get in for a closer look.



Rosy said...

I do remember when this was the "state hospital". That dates me!

Shelina said...

What gorgeous views! To imagine living where you can see colorful peacocks down the street. Amazing.