Thursday, September 27, 2007

Classic Cars- A Window on Time

Every year our town hosts what's called the Flashback Classic Carshow. Cars and their owners come from all over the state to see and be seen during the two-day event. My quilty friend Karen was up for a sew day visit and we went into town to enjoy the sights.

A 1931 Ford Model A

Ukiah Valley Fire Engine
Karen in front of a 1949 Ford Woodie
The cars were lined up on both sides of the main street and they went on for blocks and blocks. It felt like everyone in town was there and people we didn't know stopped to talk to us excitedly about their favorite car. One little old white haired man stopped Karen on the fly because he'd overheard her say something about having owned a Thunderbird once upon a time. He must've been in his late eighties, but the glint in his eye and the sparkle in his voice as he talked about a premier Thunderbird about three blocks down on the left that we just *had* to go see was so endearing. He launched into what a *fine* car that had been in his day. As giddy as a school boy he said, "I *love* this show! You can see the car you had, your parent's car and even your *grand* parents car. I think it's just great!" In that moment I could almost see him in high school, getting his first set of wheels, pickin up his girl and going for a malt... or whatever they did in his day. =)

And the jukebox played over the loud speaker: "Uhh... huh. I'm in *love*. I'm all shook up..."

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