Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Strippy Update

Well the leader-ender part of the Strippy quilt was completed shortly after I finished piecing Big Blue. I got the columns together and then it just sat. I found the right 'cheddar' for the border and no longer had that road block as my excuse. But I just wasn't gettin' to it. I was already musing on my *next* leader-ender. Now that the Strippy was being assembled, I needed something to sew off on. This is a never ending loop!

Finally I bit the bullet.

I decided rather than cut off all the diagonal ends in order to create my columns, I would sew the end to the beginning and make straight cuts across the column. That saved me an amazing amount of time and effort.

Another never ending loop!

I cut the borders from the cheddar. I was laying in bed one night after working on it, calculating the totals: Eighteen yards of continuous Strippy colum and *thirty-six* yards of cheddar border.

Then it was just a matter of putting the pedal to the metal. I'd used Adela - my ftwt for all the piece work, but she was sounding tired. So I got out my mid-sized machine which was just back from a tune-up.

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