Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sew Good mini-group

The mini-group that I belong to has been in existance for almost five years. Many members have come and gone, some have moved, new members have joined. Recently we got together after five months without a meeting to 'regroup'. We revisited the names on the roster and those that were interested renewed their commitment to the group. We agreed to meet a *minimum* of once a month and try to manage a 'Sew day' in addition as time permitts.

It felt like this incarnation of the group called for a new name. Lynn and I were in the front room talking about possibilities: Bag Ladies was taken and sounded negative. Hens and Chicks was too 'cutsy', Pointless Sisters? Nah... then during a pause in our brain storming we heard Evette in the family room telling a story to Judy, in that moment she said, "It was soooo good!" Lynn and I *lit* up. That's IT! Sew Good!

A few weeks later Su hosted the first Sew day under our new name. The new roster has eight, six said they would be there, three of us showed. :D It never matters how many come... it's always delightful to slip out of the every-day to-do's and get together with GF's for sewing, talk, food and laughter. There was a lot of each.

This is Lynn's current project, she's creating 1930's Butterflies as her contribution to the 'sew a row' project from her guild. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Lynn!

Su was sorting her scrap bin in preparation for cutting into light and dark squares and strips for use later. Her scrap bin was more like a *hamper*. She kept grumbling about the tediousness of the task, but it was great to see her scrap stash and watch the progress she made.

She sorted and cut *all* day!

And then there was my project. I'd gotten all the cheddar borders on the columns and was ready to take the plunge. Here it is laid out for the first time. Su's living room floor is large enough to lay it out comfortably. This is a *big* quilt.

And I complained about the tediousness of assembling all those lonnng columns with all those muslin strips. We were glad for the company and conversation.

This is Su's huge marmalade cat, Cuevo. He appointed himself "Chief Quilt Inspector". Every time I picked up a pair of strips to piece, he'd move to the next column and stretched out. It was the funniest thing.

Finally, by the end of the day, missing only the outer border. I could hardly believe it! I was exhausted...

And there's Cuevo, down in the right hand corner, probably disgruntled that his nap pad was no longer on the floor. :D

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