Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Top Complete

The leader-ender Strippy quilt is now a top. :D

I took it to quilt guild for Show and Tell, I dragged it to work to share with a few co-workers. I held it up last night at mini-group and they of all those I've shown it to enjoyed seeing it the most. (click to enlarge)

"Oh you finished!"
"It's stunning, I *love* it!"
"I LOVE that *green*. It just makes it. Well so does the *orange*... and so does the *red*."

Maybe it's because these ladies know and love me the best. Others said things like,

"Did you *cut* all those squares??" ~ Yes.
"What a lot of *work*. ~ Honestly, do people say that to other great artists?
"How long did it take you??" ~ Well if you have to ask that, you don't understand.

Love me, love my quilt. :D


Cheryl said...

Great finish! I love the cheddar and green with all your patches.

Fiona said...

The quilt looks great - and I agree, cheddar and green are an excellent combination.

Shelina said...

That's a great finish Leslie. Congratulations on finishing. It looks great!

Rosy said...

Great finish! Of course I knew it would be!

Patti said...

Ain't it the truth!!!! :-)

Looks just great - and we all know how much work went into it!