Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yay Color!

I stopped at a Yard sale Friday on the way home. It looked like yard saling was this family's main past time. I wandered back and around and through. The tables of bric-a-brac and baubles went on and on. I wasn't looking for anything in particular; that's the fun of it. Serendipity.

But I got really excited when I found an art box full of ribbon, little bags of sequins, packages of feathers, colored leather thongs for making Suncathers... Maybe there was something *good* in that box. In the bottom was this set of Prang colored pencils. Cool! There was also a Ziplock bag full of generic pencils. I wondered how much they'd want for the whole kaboodle.

I walked to the front where the cashier was putting out more stuff and stopped at a *large* cardboard box full of decorator tins. I used to be into tins in a big way but I stopped and put my collection in storage. I still look though. I found one that caught my eye.

She saw my interest and asked if I collected tins. "Oh not really... I used to." "Do you craft, can you use them for crafting?" "Well I quilt. I like a few here and there to store my projects in." She lite up, "Well I could make you a *really* good deal on the whole box if you want!" I wasn't even tempted. "No thank you. How much for this tin and this set of pencils?"

"Two dollars."

When I got home it just made sense to put the pencils in the tin. I didn't buy the tin for that reason but don't cha just love it when something like that falls into your lap? :D


Rosy said...

What will power not buying all of the tin's!!!! The pencils were a great deal!

teodo said...

Wonderful your blog and wonderful works.
ciao ciao

Patti said...

Perfect! Exactly as you said - it's serendipity.