Friday, May 18, 2007

Roses From My Boyfriend

*big grin* otherwise known as DH. He sent me this picture while I'm at work.

These are from our backyard bush, the one I only have to water occasionally and prune once a year. I *love* low maintenance gardening.

There's a Bing Crosby song on one of his Christmas albums that has this line:

"And the prettiest sight you'll see...
is the holly that will be...
on your own front door."

That's how I feel about flowers from the yard. You can go to the florist and order up a big bouquet, or have an arrangement delivered; but there's something really special about home grown pleasures.

"Happiness is homemade."


Rosy said...

So thoughtful,cyber flowers!

Rose Marie said...

I've had flowers from my DH where he has bought them and then there are the flowers from my garden that he has taken the time to select and cut and put in a vase for me and those are the ones that I treasure most. I love it when he calls to me "Hey Rosie, come and see what I got for you". No occasion, just because. Enjoy your flowers!