Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sourdough Starter Quilt

Fifteen years ago, when I was an at-home-Mom I cooked and baked a lot of our meals 'from scratch'. I had a crock of sourdough starter on the counter that I fed and kept going and used each week for breads, muffins and pancakes. It was great. It didn't seem like a lot of work at the time.

A few nights ago I was rummaging in my quilt room, reacquainting myself with a few projects in progress and projects yet to be when I uncovered the leftover pairs and strips from the Strippy quilt. I'd forgotten there were so many. ohmygosh!

I became completely absorbed in pressing and arranging the little four square long strips. Oh the possibilities! I even ripped the red triangles off the leftovers from piecing the columns so they could all lay together in the same box. :D Yes, I rip with a rotary cutter...

I sewed a couple of Sixteen Patch blocks. See what you think. I think they're a little blah. I decided it was because I'd culled out most of the orange, pink and red squares when I made the strips for the Strippy quilt. For that project I didn't want too much in that colorway, I wanted the red triangles to *pop*. But without orange, pink or red of any kind the Sixteen Patch blocks seem kind of flat.

So I spent time last night culling out some orange, pink and red squares from my pre-cut box and began piecing more strips to jazz up the leftovers - adding to my starter!

Are these blocks any better? I found I must've culled out more than just orange, pink and red for the strippy quilt, so I put more color in these blocks. Do you like the "I'd Rather Be Quilting" button? That's to give you an idea of scale. The blocks will finish at 6".

But I don't want to start another quilt right now? What am I doing?? I must be out of my mind! No... it's just that I want some no-think-um sewing in the middle of the week when days at work are long and I come home tire but still want to sew. I figure it's better than eating bon-bons and watching mindless TV. It keeps me off the streets. :D


Su Bee said...

Giggle giggle!! Ummm, is that Leslie wanting more red/orange and PINK??? My goodness, what a long road you've traveled!!

Elaine Adair said...

Lovely little patches. Soft, and gentle.

I also, use a rotary cutter to do my unsewing - have done it for many years. In all the years I've quilted, I have only messed up two times with that blade and that was because it was a dull blade and I was pushing too hard! I think you do far less damage with the blade than with a seam ripper, where you stretch the seam line and lose patience.

Leslie said...

Su, Well a little leaven leavens the whole loaf. :D

Rosy said...

Funny how those forgotten hoards often "just show up"!!! Yes, the warm colors are a improvement!

Patti said...

Playing with scraps is so muchy fun! I'm like you - I didn't want to start another quilt, and I certainly didn't want to add to my UFO list. So I solved it - in my mind anyway LOL! - by starting another list called "ongoing scrap busting stuff". There are currently 5 projects on the list - not UFO's because I have no idea yet what they'll look like when they are done. I'm like you - sometimes I just want to do some mindless chain sewing. It's a kind of therapy.