Monday, February 26, 2007

Orphan Blocks

As if I don't have enough UFO's of my own! I picked up a Ziplock baggie full of orphan blocks at the Freebees table at guild last month. There were more than a half a dozen pinwheels... some of them very wonky... and a handful of 3" Four-patches in Christmas Gold and Green...

I also salvaged this remnant from Su's cutting clutter. I'm a true scrap-aholic and she gets a kick out of my grubbing in her bin.

I pulled out the best looking Pinwheels and put them together into a Nine-patch.

The Four-patches don't really do anything for me, I might recycle those back to the Freebees table next month. But I'm considering using Su's piano key border with the Pinwheel Nine-patch, hmmm...
Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Rosy said...

I think the piano key border will add to the patch, but, what the heck....if it don't...there is always back to the Freebee table!