Monday, February 26, 2007


Our Quilt Guild, Ladies of the Lake will be hosting a visting Guild next month. As a favor to the visiting members we were asked to create little felt Needle Keepers that will be given as gifts.

Those that were interested signed out a pre-assembled kit that contained all the pieces-parts precut, ready to stitch. How easy is that? There were strands of color coordinated embroidery floss, little buttons to consider using as embellishments, an inside piece of wool cut to fit and an outside piece of felted wool. I decided to stitch the flower centers, the buttons in my kit seemed a bit too big.
The inside piece is sewn on three sides, as well as stitched down the middle to tack the cord that ties the spool of thread in place. This creates a little pocket on one side. You can just see a skein of floss peaking out. The Keeper closes with velcro dots.

Fun! And it didn't take weeks and weeks to complete. Now that's my kind of project. =)

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