Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Pictures

In between the rain showers we've been having over the last few days I finally got out and took full- sized pictures of the Snail's Trail top and backing. They're both too big to fit on the tool shed backdrop that I usually use so we had to put it on the side of the house!

That was an endeavor in itself. Up and down the three-step step stool, holding the weight up over my head while DH tapped the tiny nails in, losing the nails in the grass, having the step stool sink into the dirt because the ground is so saturated, finding some wood siding to place under the legs of the step stool so it wouldn't sink into the ground, moving the siding pieces and the stool for each pair of nails tapped in, up and down the steps.

Take the photo, take the whole thing down, go through all the above steps again with the backing which is even *bigger*. I didn't have the heart to tell my husband that the backing was dragging on the ground, he was already on the top step of the stool on tip-toe, stretched to his full height, tap nails in his teeth, hammer in hand.

I thanked him several times for his willingness to go out into the wet and help me with this. How many husbands care that much about the quality of the photos their quilting wives have to put on their blog??
But I wanted to show you the backing and this close-up because this is what started it all in the first place.
This quilt is going to be for my brother and SIL who live in Washington and boat on the Sound. I was visiting them last June for a family reunion. One afternoon the women went fabric shopping and I wandered over to the flat fold - clearance tables. There were yards and yards of this blue fabric and it just spoke to me. The colors are amazing. And not only does it look like it's been bargello pieced but in the dark blue area there are these impressionistic shapes that look like either whale flukes or sea birds, depending on how you look at it. This fabric set the color scheme for the quilt.
Now how many quilts are *begun* with the purchase of the backing? =)

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Rosy said...

The backing is truly a wonderful compliment to the front!!! It takes a loving DH to balance on the step-stool for you!