Friday, December 22, 2006

Strippy Update

Here are pics of my Strippy Leader/Ender quilt. I've been running these under the needle while piecing the blue-green Snail's Trail blocks. This is about a third of the total strips waiting to have the little red triangle added to the end.

I got the strips all pieced and it felt like I was pressing for days!

I'd just jumped in with the construction of this quilt without a lot of thought. Then realized I'd better stop and do some planning. So I drafted what I think I want it to look like in EQ.

Love that cheddar, red, sage green combo! It's a little bit like Bonnie's Strippy Leader/Ender but hopefully different enough to make it my own. Thanks for the inspiration Bonnie!

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dot said...

Very nice. I plan to make a blue/green Shakespear in the Park early next year. I look forward to seeing yours completed.