Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another Ornament

The women in my mini-group like to *tease* me about my minis. They don't understand why I'd want to spend all that time on something so small. And you can't sleep under it, so why bother? =) Last year when several of us went to quilt retreat I was often tweaked for the way I dug in their trash bags for 'useable' scraps. "Leslie...!"

During the retreat Su won the daily doorprize of Triangle Papers and spend part of the afternoon making little, tiny half square triangles. She said she didn't know they were going to finish at that size , or she 'never would've bothered.' Leslie, do you want them? Of course!

So partly to show there really was a use for 1/2" half-square triangle, and partly because I wanted to show 'it could be done', I made a Sawtooth Star block. It was so cute! I showed it around the group when it was finished and they just shook their heads - there goes Leslie again... The block was pinned to my design wall for many months until last week I took it into my care again. I bordered and backed it and now it's hanging on the tree in the living room.

1 comment:

Su Bee said...

WOW - that is sooo cute!
OK -- I'll give it another try. That's an incredible talent, everyone is just jealous. (I am!)