Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pin Blossom

I hope everyone had a warm, family filled, blessed Christmas day. I love the festivities. I also enjoy getting back to *normal*. Eating PBJ for lunch with cold milk and going into town to run errands. That's what I'll be doing after this blog post. =)

Since I'm on Christmas break from work, I decided to 'give myself permission' for a little off the beaten track project. One of those quick I-just-want-to-play projects... and so I did.

The pattern calls it a pin cushion, but I might just hang it in the window of the sewing room. Filled with sawdust, not poly-fil. Thanks Su for supplying the sawdust and company while I *stuffed* this puppy!


Fiona said...

Hi Leslie, thanks for visiting my blog. Can't believe I never found yours before. I've had a quick peek at your archived posts and I'm looking forward to reading them properly. Wishing you all the best for 2007.

Rosy said...

Play some more, you come up w/great results!