Thursday, December 21, 2006

Doll Quilt?

'Member these colors... as a change from my blue-green Snail's Trail blocks? Su said, "Might keep dolly awake!" I think so. But Su's tastes keep rubbing off on me and I'm not complaining! We each entered a "Radio Flyer" quilt in our guild show, her's in red, orange and tan, mine in navy, blue and tan. Guess who got the better ribbon?? Yup! My friend Su.

Notice I just did a *small* quilt in these break out colors for me. *giggling* baby steps... So now I'm trying to decide if I need to sew the rest of the rows on, or stop now, border and quilt!

Luv ya Su!


Rosy said...

I like the colors, it will cheer some little dolly up!

Su Bee said...

Awww--- it's bootiful!
Aren't those cheery colors? Maybe too much for summer, but nice in these short cold days.....