Wednesday, May 03, 2006

To Blog or Not to Blog

Really enjoyed Diane from Healdsburg’s blog recently; why she loves her hometown. It included a photo of the green hills of Sonoma County (looking east?) and 10 reasons why she loves living there. I could echo almost all of her sentiments; the small town sense of being known when you go into the credit union and shops, a library that has a county wide (or two) catalog of books at your request, the beauty of the area.

Here is my photo: Green Acres
This was taken from our front yard looking northwest, April 28th after weeks of rain.
Frank entitled it Green Acres, after the name of the road that runs in the foreground, but it couldn’t be more appropriately named.

Diane’s blog is not just about her life as a quilter, though there are plenty of entries that share ideas and news of what she’s currently working on. I enjoy reading them, whether she’s testing out a new idea on her design wall, or taking a family retreat to the snow. I feel like I know her, she lives in my former county, talks about areas and activities I know, shares my love of color, design, experimentation. I bet she’s a member of the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild. I bet she and I know a lot of the same quilter ladies. Maybe I'll write and ask. I want to respond to her blog. I want to start my own as a result of the enjoyment I receive when reading hers. Do I have time in my life for that sort of thing?

Su and I e-mail quilt ideas, share life’s happenings and send photos daily. She is a short drive away from my house across the overpass, but we stay close via e-mail and digital photos. Our own two-person blog. I could turn the news and photos I send to her into a blog… but she and I are always catching each other on the fly, it’s not a scheduled, daily entry.

Maybe the fact that someone said Blogs are written by self-absorbed people who think others care about what they have to say is blocking my energy. Those that say that don’t read blogs on topics they enjoy. They don’t read blogs period. What they think and do doesn't have to be what I think and do.


Su Bee said...

OK - so I HAVE to comment -- I'll be the first! LOL -- love the picture of course. How do the poor folks in cities live without this?
Su Bee

Leslie said...

Thanks for checking in. You don't have to be a Blog member to comment. It's an option in the preferences. :D