Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Time Does Fly

And here I thought I might actually write something on my blog more than twice a month! Once a week would be a good goal, huh??

Life has gotten out of hand. I wanted to post pictures of quilt projects in progress, but then I got so I wanted to wait till some of them are finished to put them here. Well that's just plain silly! If I wait for that, we'll be here till Kingdom Come!

That said... two weeks ago the Grapevine guild had a demo night. I spent a lot of time at the Fabric Postcard table, (Deb Richardson's terrific tutorial) talking to the presenter (thank you Virginia!), fingering the samples and dreaming. I loved how fanciful the PC's she'd made were, how easily you could make a fun scene or statement. And according to Virginia, how fast. That sounded really appealing. So that Saturday I went into my sewing room to play and create one, no agenda.
Two hours later, this is what I made:
I added the dime to give you perspective. It's not actually part of the quilt. But you knew that, didn't you? :D
So I admit... it took a LOT longer than I wanted it to take. And it's pieced, it's not glued or fused. And quite honestly, it's far to nice to use as a postcard.
Why do I do this sort of thing to myself? I can't seem to 'cut loose' (no pun intended) and just make something quick, simple and uncomplicated. I LIKED the samples that featured raw edge applique with free-form machine quilting in varigated colors. But when I go to create something similar?? No can do.
Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong age. I'm surrounded by bold, bright, beautiful prints available at the store by the yard. But I prefer to make quilts from collected scraps and cut aways in Cadet Blue and Black. Or my current project, a Double Four-Patch in turn of the last century reds and browns. I admire my quilty friends that can jump into their stash and come up with an eye popping wall hanging of lime green and fushia. (See Su's Basket Full o' Challenge ). But that just doesn't seem to be in me, it's not a part of my inner fiber (pun intended).
As Popeye says, "I yam what I yam."


Su Bee said...

If we all made the same quilts, none of us would be as entranced with them as we are. Soon there would be no quilts - why bother? Yours are wonderful - they look like a warm hug from a favorite aunt or gramma, and there's no topping that!!

Quickstar said...

I didn't catch that it was a dime cuz the details a little iffy on the thumbnail, and even though it looks like it should be a link to a bigger copy it is in fact, not so I"m glad you threw that in there.