Monday, May 29, 2006

The Weekend Draws to a Close

We went to the Lake this morning and walked the west end trail. It was a beautiful morning and the stillness was audible, the Memorial Day boat people hadn't discovered it was going to be a great day yet, so it was deliciously quiet. It didn't take long for the hike to bring heat to my face and I was glad for the cooling breezes. We hiked across the dam, through the scrub oak, to the point. There we stopped and sat, talked and looked at the clouds. The coming work week felt far away at that moment.

After a snack of crisp fuji apples and chunks of smoked Gouda, we headed back. The wildflowers were so fun! Dabs of color on both sides of the trail, unexpected beauty among the Poison Oak. I made the requests, Frank took the pictures. You get to enjoy the results

By the time we got back to the dam, there was practically a crowd coming down the trail as we were going up. The jet skiers and motor boats were roaring from one end of the inlet to the other and the holiday was in full swing. People observe their days off in many different ways. I sure enjoyed our peaceful version.

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