Monday, May 29, 2006

A Pause Before the Day

Spring has taken it's sweet time coming to our valley. Even now on Memorial Day weekend, the official kick-off of Summer, the house is cold in the morning and a bit of a fire would be welcome in the evening.

Sitting at the morning table over waffle and a mug of hot milk this is the view out my back window. I love the way the morning light accentuates and illuminates the details of the scene. Each leaf, every pine needle can almost be seen. A single humming bird came and went among the honeysuckle and I thought how sweet his breakfast must have been. Honeysuckle nectar is a joy. Have you ever pinched off a blossom at the base and sucked the drop of sweetness from inside? I knew what he was drinking as he fluttered and darted among the flowers.

I have taken a break from the Double Four-Patch. I wrestled with it Friday in an attempt to cut out the background set triangles. But wouldn't you know? The fabric I had in mind was a one- way directional. I carefully planned the cutting of the squares so the pretty oak leaf outlines would all go up and down. I had to ignore where that put the bias. I couldn't cut out squares going across the width of the fabric. I cut several test squares from scrap fabric in an effort to decide on the best layout without wasting the background fabric. But in the end, it couldn't be done. I needed twice the yardage I had on hand to cut the number of triangles I needed. I /did/ go into town and I /did/ eventually find another suitable background fabric, brought it home and got it prewashed and pressed. But there it sits. The wind has gone out of this project's sails for awhile. I can't believe how something that was going to be so simple has gone so awry. I know there's a great lesson in that somewhere. But right now I'm too put out with myself about it to look. Quilting is my respite from all the other stressors in my life. when my respite gives me fits, who wants to deal?? Not me.

So today is a national holiday and I'm enjoying some time at home. I don't have any plans. The sun is shining and there isn't that blustery breeze we've been having everyday for a week -YET.
Maybe I'll potter in the yard. I can't seem to bring myself to go into the sewing room.

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