Thursday, March 16, 2017

Scrappy Bargello

It's been a long, wet winter and I've been suffering from cabin fever. The fact that we had four days of clear, warm weather in February didn't help. It was like a spring teaser. I wanted something to brighten my mood. So I started another quilt.

Many of these prints are from the Four Patch and Friends quilt I tried to make some time ago. I still love the rose and green combination, so I pulled more fabrics for the bargello. With this method you make strip sets.

Then you bring the last strip around to the first and sew it into a tube. After you've cut it into strips, you pick out one seam from each, off setting the color so after it's pieced, the color moves diagonally. See Bonnie Hunter's site for a better description.

Two panels.

Three panels.

Four panels.

Bordered and layered for quilting.

It was quick and fun. I'm usually pretty 'matchy-matchy', so letting the colors of the bargello be random was both a challenge and a lark.

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