Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mendocino Blues and Greens

I'm still chipping away at my split nine patch blocks. I created a layout in EQ, so I now know I need 256 blocks for a queen-size. Eek! I decided to call it Mendocino Blues and Greens. Some times I struggle to name a quilt, other times it just comes.

November 2016
 Sometimes I like a project better when I'm just tinkering at it, rather than making blocks toward a total. At this point I have close to a hundred and seventy five. I keep 45+ on the design wall at a time so I can balance the colors and fabric placement. Some days it feels a little tedious. What to do? Start another project to mix it up a little! Wait a minute, didn't I start this one to break up the tedium of the Fruit Salad quilt?? The thing I've discovered about blogging, I start to notice my own habits.

I needed a new leader and ender project anyway so I decided to make four patches from my over-flowing 2" cut square box.

I don't have any ideas for them yet, but they're so satisfying, it helps me feel like I'm making headway on the BIG project.

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