Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Circular Sock Knitting Demo

When I was visiting my Mom in Massachusetts, we stopped at the New Hampshire Visitor's Center on our way to camp. We had a bite of lunch under the trees and then I went to the Visitor's Center for a drink of water.

While I was there I discovered a circular sock knitting group was demonstrating how their CSMs worked. I was so interested in the process, I forgot to take pictures, but here is a link to a YouTube that shows the method.

Barbara talked to us for 20 minutes and showed us how she works a sock. It was interesting to see something that takes me a couple of months to knit, cranked out in a few minutes.

As Mom and I drove away we talked about how helpful that machine would've been during WWII, or for a mother trying to create socks for her entire family. But we both felt we knitted socks on dpns or two circulars for the joy of the process.

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