Sunday, July 05, 2015

Around the Block Quilt

Now that the birthday quilt has been gifted, I can blog about it.

The beginning of this quilt is here. I decided to make it square and add borders till it felt finished. I let each step suggest what the next one should be.

Auditioning lattice and border fabrics.

I cut similar fabrics for the pieced border and laid them out in what I call a 'planned random' sequence. I had my usual helper, of course.

The completed top.

I decided to quilt this one myself, so I experimented with free-motion swirls the width of the lattice and borders. I practiced with pencil and paper first to begin to fix the rhythm of the pattern in my mind.

Then I made a batting sandwich and practiced the free-motion on that, building muscle memory.

When I felt fairly confident of the pattern, I began quilting on the quilt. Using matching thread colors helped my confidence. If I wobbled, it wouldn't show as much.

It was difficult to get good pictures of this quilt. I miss being able to photograph quilts on the wall of the shed at the old house.

You can get an idea of the quilting from the back.


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