Thursday, July 31, 2014

Miniature Pineapple Blocks

I got the pineapple mini out again and took another stab at the method. Originally I thought this would make a great little leader-and-ender project and I'm trying to figure it out without buying the pineapple ruler. But so far the technique has eluded me.

Round two.
Round three.
Round four, etc.

The one on the far right looks pretty good, but the red and green are triangles and I want trapezoids.

Here is all my trial and error, LOTS of trial and error. Night after night, long hours in the sewing room. I'd think I had it figured out, and then the next cut would be wrong. Sometimes I wondered why I was knocking myself out so much.

But it's true... I like a challenge. Challenging quilt patterns are more rewarding than the easy ones.

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Elaine Adair said...

Leslie - I've been catching up (more than 4 months!) on your blogs and this is about the pineapple. Do it paper piecing! It's easier, you don't have to struggle with thinking!!!, and ends up perfect! I've done several, some with larger logs, and I used a special ruler, but it still was not perfect. After that one, I went back to small, paper piecing. I wonder if you finished it, since this was an old post!