Thursday, August 07, 2014

Irish Linen

I was at the local thrift store, shopping for summer shorts actually, when I found myself browsing the sweater aisle. I let my hands tell me if a sweater is worth reclaiming. The texture of this deep pink one was unlike anything I've come across up till now.

The label said it was made in Ireland and was 50/50 linen and cotton. I've always heard about Irish Linen, but I never knew what was so special about it. It has an unexpected sheen that is just lovely.

I estimated how many yards I have and then searched Ravelry's shawl patterns, using the yarn weight and yardage filters. This is Shoreline, so far an easy pattern with an applied lace border.

I just added the shawl to my project page on Ravelry and it told me it's my 50th project. (!) That's kinda fun...

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