Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Summer

Dear Blog,
I haven't forgotten. You know I write to you all the time in my head. And I continue to take pictures of projects, progress and life; so the process of blogging is still going on, just not online. Here at last I will share some of what's been happening. But simply put - knit, garden, quilt, hike, eat, sleep, repeat. Not a bad way to spend the summer!

My mother used to have one of these in her sewing basket. I remember asking her what it was; a darning egg. Fast forward to today and I've been trying to find one to add to my own sewing basket, without paying $20.00 or more for a vintage one on e-bay or etsy. I was tickled to recently find it in a small, local craft store in town. And the price was reasonable - $7.00. Knitters darn their socks. I wonder if the economy will encourage others to learn to darn theirs.

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