Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Does Local Mean?

More than a month before the move my husband made an appointment with a moving company he found on the Internet called USA Local Movers dot com. They were slated to arrive Saturday the 14th at 9 am. That's why we'd tried so hard to get the new place ready.

Imagine how *SHOCKED* we were when they called Friday night at 5 pm and said they weren't coming. Say WHAT?!!

So I'm here to tell you, when a website says Local, please check the physical location. It turns out USA Local Movers is actually at the another end of our state. They said they could come on Tuesday. We were fit to be tied. Our lease at the old place expired Saturday and the utilities were being turned off. What the heck did they think we were going to do until Tuesday?

I'm usually a calm person, known to pretty much 'go with the flow' and keep things moving; but that day I reached my limit. I have never, that I can recall, given someone a piece of my mind, but you can be sure I did that day. And I promised USA Local Movers that I would tell everyone I met what kind of customer service they provided. Wow.

We made several desperate calls and a few friends with pick-ups came to help us Saturday. We made a couple of trips and set up our bed at the new house. We found out moving companies are closed on weekends. We scoured the Internet and the white pages looking for someone that was open Sunday. We worried the landlord would slap another month's rent on us for going over the lease date. We didn't sleep.

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