Saturday, December 07, 2013

Snow Day

These pictures taken by my son at the old house. He finally made it through to us, Saturday mid-morning. It helps to have 4 wheel-drive. We were able to meet the satellite installation tech, but the cleaning and painting we had planned was slowed down by the lack of heat in the place. The propane wouldn't be turned on for another week. The electric heaters kept the main room in the low 60's, so it was do-able.

It snowed, then rained, then froze. The weight snapped a large branch off the pine tree which broke the fence. But hey, it's not our problem because we don't live there anymore!

The starlings were still in the field out back.

I wish we'd taken pictures of the new house in the snow. It was so picture-postcard-pretty under the redwood trees; but our minds were set on overcoming some of the set backs we were having.

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