Thursday, December 12, 2013

Make It Work

Over the next several days we traveled to and from the new house. Due to the record breaking low temperatures, the roads remained icy for weeks. They were passable for a few hours in the middle of each day. We were able to clean using snow melted in a pot on a borrowed propane camp stove. This also provided water for flushing the toi. Good thing we have camping experience!

We thought we were being proactive by turning off the water main at the end of Saturday work day. It helped - our house pipes didn't burst, but the pipe between the street and the house did. Then we were also without water. 

It was days before I could hire a plumber, get the water turned back on and return to meet the carpet cleaner. We didn't find out until later that this was the worst weather Brooktrails has seen in more than 20 years. We thought it was our inexperience in dealing with conditions that was causing our headaches. Welcome to the joys of home ownership... Yay.

Three days after we moved in I attended a Christmas potluck at the community center. People were welcoming and very friendly and EVERYone had a story to tell about the storm and its effects. Many people had broken pipes. Others had landed in snow banks and fared worse than we did. We had at least received the hospitality of strangers. Welcome to Brooktrails!

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