Monday, November 04, 2013

Cabled Fingerless Mitts

When I was at the quilt show I came across a vendor that sold luxury yarns at 50% below retail. (!) Soft merinos, yummy cashmeres, cozy cotton/wool blends. I spent a lot of time in her booth. Finally I bought one skein (one!) and decided to find a suitable pattern. That was the first time I bought the yarn first and then found the project, rather than choosing the project and shopping for the yarn after.

It looks burgundy in the first pictures, but it's really a dusky purple. It was my first time knitting cables and it really is a lot easier than it looks.

I used this cabled mitts pattern with a few modifications. The author worked a 3x3 stitch ribbing but the cable is worked over 8 stitches; so I changed the ribbing to 2x2. That way the cable would appear to flow out of the ribbing.

And I ended with 2x2 ribbing rather than one row of knit and the bind off. It looks a little more finished that way and draws in around the fingers.

A fun knit! And I enjoyed experimenting with mods to the pattern to make it my own. When I was finished? I had about 8 yards left. Not a bad estimate!

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