Sunday, November 17, 2013

We're Moving

After 20 years in the same place as tenants, we're finally buying our first home.

It's located 15 minutes further north in a township called Brooktrails. With an elevation of 1,500 feet, the area was once a redwood logging camp. Now it's pine forest, with madrone and redwoods. What a welcome change from the dust and heat of the Ukiah Valley!

But ohhh... the packing! We raised our two sons in this place and there's been lots of sorting and purging. Out went the snow camping equipment, the cross country skies, the back packs and dome tents. We're not up to those activities anymore so it's time to move on...

And the sewing room! I think I keep a pretty tight hand on how much I bring into that room, there's only so much space after all. But then you add in the closet in the guest room, the shelf in the office, the totes in the garage and the drawers in the linen dresser. Oy. I cleared out a bunch of fabric and projects from 18-20 years ago, going back layer by layer through my interests and skills. It was a trip.

When I'm not packing, I'd like to relax with some sewing. But that's hard to do when the room looks like it's been hit by a cyclone.

With all the pictures and wall quilts down, and the white design wall dismantled the room looks a lot smaller and darker. My new sewing room has white walls. No more light eating paneling!

And a closet that doesn't have to double as a wardrobe. Woot!

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Lindah said...

Congratulations on your new house! The setting sounds wonderful. But I can empathize with the packing up. We moved to Redding after 19 yrs in the same house, raising family, etc. Been there! It will be so worth it tho. Take pics of your trees, etc once you get settled. It sounds so nice.