Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spin Wheel

I saw this quilt in a back issue of Fons and Porter magazine and decided to make a single block as a pot holder. Great boutique item!

Quilting directions rarely give any instruction for left handed cutting and piecing so I figured I would cut the strip set left handed and assemble as usual, but that my block would spin the opposite direction. Turned out that wasn't going to happen in this case, the pieces didn't fit together at all. Back to the cutting board...

Add the background rectangle and trim.

I layered two pieces of 100% wool recycled from an old Pendleton and a backing and machine quilted it. Wool is a good insulator because it doesn't melt like polyester and it won't catch fire like cotton.

I bound it with the green to make it look a bit like a border. It was fun to do and I learned how to piece a block with partial seams.

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