Saturday, January 07, 2012

Felted Slippers

I got this Men's tall lamb's wool sweater at a thrift sale for less than a dollar. It's sooo soft, I've been enjoying reclaiming the yarn. I frog the yarn, skein it to a niddy noddy, hand wash it to get the kinks to relax and when I'm ready to knit with it, wrap it into balls.

I finally invested in a yarn winder and can make my own center-pull yarn 'cakes' now. This is the U-Nitt metal jumbo winder. It has metal gears and can wind up to 9 ozs. It's a gas to use. 

I tried using the Boye electric ball winder but it just didn't do the job, the least amount of tension on the yarn and it bogged down. I returned it to Michael's.

So I started a pair of slippers using this pattern on Ravelry. I've changed it a bit to allow me to work with three strands held together on size 13 needles. I knit and felted swatches using two strands on size 10 and three on 13 and liked the thickness of three better; but it's all an experiment. I'll let you know if it turns out.

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Fabricfaire said...

You never stop amazing me!